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  • July 20, 2016

Walking Together

Ontario's Long-Term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women

Ontario’s strategy to end violence against Indigenous women

Violence against Indigenous women has been tearing apart the lives of women, their families and communities for generations. It is a legacy of colonialism that continues to breed poverty, social isolation and insecurity. With this strategy, Ontario and Indigenous communities are coming together to end the cycle of violence and ensure future generations of Indigenous women can live the way they deserve ¾ with safety and respect.

1. Supporting children, youth and families

  • New funding: $80 million over three years.
  • Introduce a new Family Well-Being Program to support Indigenous families in crisis and help communities deal with the effects of intergenerational violence and trauma.

2. Community safety and healing

  • New funding: $15.75 million over three years.
  • Ensure Indigenous women and communities have effective supports when dealing with the justice system.
  • Develop a survivor-centred strategy to assist in the identification, intervention and prevention of human trafficking in Ontario.
  • Expand a counselling helpline for Indigenous women experiencing violence, building on the Talk4Healing Indigenous Women’s Helpline.
  • Support Indigenous men with healing and violence prevention programs, including Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin (I Am A Kind Man).

3. Policing and justice

  • $2.32 million over three years
  • New funding: $2.32 million over three years.
  • Introduce legislation to assist police in investigating missing persons cases.
  • Enhance training for Crown Attorneys and police.
  • Provide new tools for First Nations policing.

4. Prevention and awareness

  • $1.15 million over three years
  • New funding: $1.15 million over three years.
  • Develop and deliver mandatory Indigenous cultural competency and anti-racism training to all Ontario public service staff.
  • Work to help launch a national public awareness and prevention campaignto change attitudes and perceptions on the issue of violence against Indigenous women and girls.

5. Leadership, collaboration, alignment and accountability

  • $500,000 over three years
  • New funding: $500,000 over three years.
  • Host the fifth National Aboriginal Women’s Summit in 2016.
  • Support and align provincial initiatives with federal commitments to end violence against Indigenous women.
  • Establish a Ministerial Steering Committee to oversee implementation and accountability of this plan to ensure it delivers.

6. Improved data and research

  • New funding: $750,000 over three years.
  • Support research on the prevalence of violence against Indigenous womenand successful practices to combat it.

Develop key performance indicators and data collection mechanisms to measure the success of individual initiatives and monitor progress.

Message from Ministers MacCharles and Zimmer

We are pleased to join with the Premier and with Indigenous partners to present this strategy to end violence against Indigenous women.

This strategy is a collaborative effort of Indigenous partners across the province, including the members of the Joint Working Group on Violence Against Aboriginal Women.

This unique provincial initiative brings government leaders together at one table with representatives of Indigenous organizations. These include the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, Ontario Native Women’s Association, the Métis Nation of Ontario, Independent First Nations and Chiefs of Ontario.

We applaud their commitment to work together to create a more effective, better informed and comprehensive approach that respects Indigenous culture and perspectives.

Strong collaborative relationships help us build on the important work of Indigenous people to raise awareness of and heal from violence, and the initiatives the government has already undertaken to end violence against women, including action plans on domestic violence and sexual violence and harassment.

The province’s Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment, launched in March 2015, started a conversation about sexual violence in this province. In it, we announced our commitment to developing a long-term strategy to end violence against Indigenous women.

We are proud to build on this momentum and launch this strategy for change.

The goals reflect our commitments: to end violence against Indigenous women, to strengthen relationships with First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities, and to improve outcomes for Indigenous people — and, in turn, for all Ontarians.

Tracy MacCharles
Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues

David Zimmer
Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation 

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